February 21, 2018

Christmas Tree Lighting


Dear Parents and Students,
This e-mail shall be read and requires a response with the following approval:
“I understand and will communicate those rules to my child”
Thank you so much for your time and allowing your child to participate in the Bordentown Township Christmas Tree Lighting.
Our older Rising Stars are doing a great job helping our younger ones we should all be thankful.
Everyone must arrive at 5:15pm at the Bordentown Municipal Court Building on Friday December 1, 2017.
1. There will be a Mandatory rehearsal on Wednesday, November 29, 2027 from 8:00pm – 8:30pm.
2. It will very hectic during drop off at the event. I will be grouping performers and assigning places. Once your child has been
brought to the meetup spot, please find a spot to watch the show. I will not be able to talk or answer questions at this time. If
you have any concerns, please contact her prior to the event.
3. Be sure to be prepared with your binder. We will go through all the songs.
4. While we are waiting to perform we shall quietly remain together. It is important that we are respectful and stay together,
without making noise or moving around.
5. Wear warm clothes! It’s a festive event so please accessorize with a fun red scarf, hat or anything else you like that is festive.
6. Performers sheet music must be in a black folder or binder. More copies are available at the Studio.
– Rising Stars is not responsible for any participants during this event. Parents and guardians must stay at the event. Please make
sure your child is on their best behavior and keep an eye on them during this event. It will be dark and safety comes first!
– Songs must be learned and practiced. All songs are available on YouTube to practice. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel
Sophie Taillefer in order to have your child practice the songs.
– Separate sheet music with the lyrics that soloists will need for each song will be posted on Remind.
– This event is held by Bordentown Township and they are expecting us to follow a certain standard. Although it is a very quick
performance, we must be professional. If for any reason your child does not want to participate, or will have a problem following
the rules and staying quiet prior to our performance, please don’t have them perform in this event. ***The Home For The
Holidays Show will be much more laid back. I am not usually that strict for all performances.
– You must follow me on Remind and Facebook for all updates. Rising Stars Voice Studio.
* Please note, this is an extremely busy time at the studio. I do not have time to reply to most texts or e-mail messages. Feel free
to ask each other on Remind any particular questions. Some of our veteran parents are used to our routine and will be more then
happy to help you.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation. The Bordentown Christmas Tree Lighting is a great tradition at Rising Stars.
I am looking forward to seeing you all there.
Ms. Sophie