December 18, 2017

Payment Policy

  1. Voice lessons with Ms. Sophie Taillefer are $30 per half hour lesson. Each month’s lessons are to be paid in full at the first voice lesson of the month.  Should I need to cancel a lesson I will issue a credit to you.  If a student needs to cancel a lesson, however, I cannot give any refunds or credits – not for any reason, including illness, vacation, and not even if I am given advance notice.
  2. If a student needs to be absent for an extended time due to special circumstances I understand that, but I cannot guarantee that the same day and time will be available when the student wishes to return, unless the student wants to pay for the missed lessons to keep the timeslot.  If a student needs to leave Rising Stars temporarily I cannot even guarantee that there will be a regular lesson time available when they wish to return, but I will certainly try to work something out.TWO WEEKS’ NOTICE must be given to Rising Stars by any student wishing to terminate regularly scheduled lessons, whether temporarily or permanently.
  3. In the event of questionable weather, call 609-291-7440.  If lessons are cancelled there will be a message indicating that.  If lessons are cancelled due to bad weather I will issue credits for those lessons. If there is no message indicating that lessons are cancelled, then no credits will be issued even if someone should decide they will not come that day.
  4. Rising Stars Voice Studio is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  5. There is a $15 late payment charge and a $20 returned check charge.
  6. RSVS presumes that permission is given to use student’s photos for publicity purposes.  If you take exception to this policy, please let the studio know and we will accomodate you.