December 18, 2017

Stars in Action

Rising Stars are Singing Everywhere!

Congratulations to all the Rising Stars winners at this year’s Mid-Atlantic Music Teacher’s Guild Competition!

List Of Winners From M.A.M.T.G. 2010

Junior Idol: 2nd Place Riannon Taylor

Senior Idol: 1st Place Kaitlyn Bader, 3rd Place Michelle Foster, 4th Place Kyle Sheehan

Musical Junior: 1st Hailey Weiss, 3rd Skyeler Paparteys, 5th Alexys Pulsinelli

Musical Senior: 1st Joe Vaccaro, 2nd Michelle Foster

Virtuoso: 1st Kirstie Smith, 3rd Kyle Sheehan, 5th Michelle Foster

Pop Solo Elementary: 2nd Brielle Taylor, 5th Jenna Venturi

Pop Solo Junior A: 1st Uvay Trivedi, 2nd Allison Couts, 4th Kayla Smith, 5th Kristin Potocki

Pop Solo Junior B: 2nd Skyeler Paparteys

Pop Solo Intermediate B: 2nd Michelle Foster, 5th Kelly Sowney

Pop Solo Senior: 1st Kyle Sheehan, 3rd Collin Cenci, 4th Emily Runzer

Classical Solo Elementary: 2nd Jena Venturi

Classical Solo Junior: 1st Dakota Torres, 3rd Haiey Weiss, 4th Skyeler Paparteys

Classical Solo Intermediate: 1st Lauren Lynch

Classical Solo Senior: 1st Kyle Sheehan,2nd Michelle Foster, 3rd Kirstie Smith