December 18, 2017

Using Twitter

We are urging everyone with a cell phone to follow Rising Stars on Twitter. It is the easiest and most immediate way to keep everyone up to date on cancellations and rescheduled rehearsals.

It is very easy to sign up for twitter using your phone. It only requires you to send a couple text messages from your phone (no computer needed).

The only charge is whatever your plan charges for texting.

Just text the following message to 40404: Follow RisingStarsVS

You will receive a text back asking to signup.
Just Reply to the message with signup.

You will get another text from Twitter asking for a username. Just Reply with a unique username. If you chose a name already in use, Twitter will ask you for another.

Once you have a username, twitter will ask you for password. Reply with something you can remember.

You will now receive a text message on your phone every time Sophie posts a message.

You can also log onto Twitter to make changes to your account, etc.

If you ever want to stop getting the messages, just text to 40404: Leave risingstarsvs